by RWM

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RWM's second album, expect smooth melody over an intriguing backdrop. Currently gigging around Scotland.



released March 17, 2013

Chris Wilson - Artwork



all rights reserved


RWM Edinburgh, UK

RWM are based in Edinburgh and play original material which has a "twisted pop" mentality. Anyone can write a catchy song, but RWM take the more interesting approach of creating infectious melody, built on a foundation of dynamic and intelligently crafted intricacies.
Currently gigging around scotlalnd.
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Track Name: I Wouldn't Trade
Wake up, smell the ocean air, feel the strength its pumping through my vains. I'm a one of a kind , man of action yeah, broken the chains, living day by day. Don't lose your mind, a cycle on the floor, its left behind, no need no need.
I wouldn't trade my happiness, all the money in the world can pass, I wouldn't live a life of greed, just a peace of mind is all I need. All the hate can go away, lock it in and eat the key, I'm alive, its all that counts, getting stronger i'l overcome.
Track Name: Always on Time
What have you heard of late, nothing of interest, i cannot contemplate, that all the abandoned here, my baby cant choose the only way outta here.
bottle the rampant rage, guess i get teary eyed or just glazed over. My baby cant choose, the only way outta here. I'm always on time, you're always late, what if I never show, keep it to yourself, got no-one to blame, let the mask slip today.
Gotta get outta here. I've got a temperature its keeping me up all night and clouding my judgement. I've gotta get outta here.
All that you've ever known, all that you'l ever know, begins now.
In the blink of an eye, all that you've ever known, begins now.
All that you've ever known, all that you'l ever know, welcome home...
Track Name: Interlocked
You stole the show from the start, everyone's eyes were interlocked. A desire you've always had. Quality cant feed the masses, step into flow count the reward, a silhouette in red, an hourglass of perfection.
(im coming to get you il find you)
i exclaim my love for you, forever more.
Fall asleep and dream of you and when i wake i'd kill for you. As happy as I'll ever be, the glass will always overflow, take a note, a mental cue, you are my future overlord, so take a seat enjoy the ride, we are forever side by side.
I'm interlocked with you
Track Name: Flabbergast
Overheard the gossip on the grapevine no-one wins, pulling out the knife shallow wounds will always heal. Taking pride in what I am, i dont take the other hand, staring very closely at the role in which i will become.
Taking names, watching every move
You and me are something else, we're stamping out the weak.
Track Name: Roux
Stop telling me what you want from me, I don't comply to fucking anyone. I fly alone ahead of the game. To trivial to even care about.
I think i'm gonna lose my mind honey
You tell me what to say, you tell me what to do
If I never get a say I might as well be you, so let me get a word in here, I have a point of veiw, and if i ever get my way, i'm coming for sweet revenge.
I think i'm gonna lose my mind honey
Track Name: Leave a Message
hide all the stash, no-one was here.
tell not a soul, lets disapear
lets escape before its to late.
leave a message
i didnt know that lies came in pairs
pack all my things, i wont be back
oh your late, too late
leave a message.
Track Name: The Lights Are On
The lights are on again, see clearly, and overcome the odds. A lens thats crystal clear, a gateway, a lesson learned in time.
All the days collide into the one, feels like lifetimes pass like sand through hands that dont grasp anything
I wash the vacant thoughts, away for good, steaming down the drain.
Re-stock the empty shelves, rotation, i've been here before.
All your voices heard, all your choices ignored...
Track Name: Walk Away
Feel the need to take us somewhere else, see the place for what it really is, a thousand can only tell half of the story, so clear, I am the Glossary.
Walk Away, give it another day, gotta get back to you, so I can see it through. Coz I need you like you need me to, I wanna let you know, this is the only way I know.
I feel the tides are turning on us now, a mighty roar that makes it presence felt, pressure building up inside, of me, only to be released, on you, only to be received.
I love you...
Track Name: Monopoly
People always say, always shop around, be careful what you see, there's no free lunch. Need to play the game, never take a chance, always play it safe there's no way!
Well i'l bend the rules, taking chances again, I'l play with contempt.
When I've reached the top, I'l put the pieces away and never play again, its just a game that's forced on us to keep us in check, Think out the box, there's another train of thought , they don't want you to know.
We all live in a Monopoly, we can't make our choices independently.
We CAN make our choices independently....
Track Name: 6 minutes to 8
Lend me you ear, I have found it out, a ball in the rough, a vision so clear, taken its time to reveal to me, the best single word that I've ever heard.
I turn the page, new attitudes, a can do mind.
I understand , to get ahead, don't fall behind
Blue river in May, fresh air in my weary head, I'l ask you to stay, lets have it , I'm ready, the drinks are on me.
Make me a deal that works both ways.
The drinks are on me...
Track Name: Pick Me Up
When you're falling down, keep my voice in mind. I'm the one that keeps it all inside, the man that thinks he has all the answers. A know it all has a lot to learn, share the pain and all will be alright.
Pick me up when I'm falling on the ground and I need your help right now.
Every thought has an unthinkable circumstance.
All I want is a chance to let it out, to have a normal day to day.
When I think of you I realise I have been wrong
When you're falling down, keep my voice in mind.